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MITELLI, Giuseppe Maria.  DISEGNI, ET ABBOZZI DI AGOSTINO MITELLI, together with, BOSCHI, Pietro. VASI ET URNE.                            

(Bologna: circa 1670 and 1710). Folio. Early boards. Engraved title leaf, 24 engraved plates; Engraved title leaf, 8 engraved plates. [Berlin Catalogue, 575 (Mitelli only)].

Giuseppe Maria Mitelli was the son of Agostino Mitelli, a renown "quadtunista" - i.e. painter of illusionistic architectural perspectives.  In 1658 he accompanied his father to Spain, petitioning the officials there after Agostino's death (1660) for wages.  This series of etchings after motifs by Agostino, are important in validating his father's draughtsmanship and were executed not long after his death.  Eight motifs are architectural columns, fourteen urns and pedestals, and fourteen are ornaments and brackets.  But most memorable and powerful are the more than forty-six animal and human grotesques, contorted in most amazing configurations, throughout the twenty-four pages of designs.  We could locate only two copies on OCLC and ours is a complete unsophisticated copy.  Twelve of the pages are water marked.

Boschi's Vasi et Urne is not located anywhere and we were unable to find any information on him.  The paper is heavier than that used on the Mitelli designs and has two different watermarks which have been identified as Bologna circa 1710.  The designs are of very baroque style urns standing in landscapes framed by a rope border.